Mobile Hydration / Refreshment Vehicle

Mobile Hydration Station & Refreshment Vehicle


A custom Ford Transit like you've never seen!  This brand new Ford 148'' van was built for a state water supply company that provides water to almost 600,000 residents.  This vehicle is complete with an armless awning for shade, custom stereo, exterior LED TV mounted behind the side door window, and multiple taps with cold water.  


The vehicle will be used as a one-of-a-kind marketing tool and an event vehicle to service the communities they provide for. Enjoy an ice cold cup of water and watch a video about how your water gets to you, you won't even know the TV is there when it's off.  High school football games, the state/local fairs, car shows - you'll see this van standing by ready to refresh you with some ice cold filtered water!  It has since been wrapped with company branded graphics and acts as a mobile billboard as well.  And if you have a furry friend with you, there's even a water fountain for them!  The fire hydrant fountain mounted on the rear of the vehicle has adjustable flow to act as a sprinkler, or to fill up a bowl for your companion.  Now, who's thirsty?!

Mobile Hydration Station