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Posted Thursday, June 1, 2006

Creative Mobile Interiors: The 'Can Do' Company



When the late Ray Charles,  Aretha Franklin, Alan Jackson, the Doobie Brothers ,The Four Tops, the President of the United States, or even the King of Morocco  needed a high-quality, innovative coach for reliable, comfortable transportation, where did they go?  Not to Hollywood or Nashville, but to Creative Mobile Interiors (CMI) of Grove City, Ohio.
Owen Connaughton, master custom coach guru, and President of CMI is the go-to guy for high-quality custom conversion work on a variety of shell platforms, including Prevost Car shells.
"Since we began the company in 1999, we have never believed in putting boundaries on anyone's idea of a dream coach," Owen points out, "Tell us what you need or would like to have and we'll design the vehicle and build it for you in a way you will not find anywhere else."  CMI has a track record of a wide variety of customizing and converting Prevost Car shells, MCI, Sprinter Class C coaches, SUVs, specialty units and trailers for a wide variety of applications, including luxury motorhomes.
"We view each customer's request as an opportunity to create an exciting, top quality coach on an individual basis," he adds, "We don't want to have any preconceived ideas about what customers may or may not want.  We help guide them through the design process of layout and materials so that they can wind up with a completely custom coach which is completely cookie cutter designs come out of CMI."
Owen began the firm after 14 years of custom coach experience in Columbus, Ohio and is joined by a crack team of specialists in cabinetry, electronics,  plumbing, metalwork, upholstery  and all the various trades necessary to build something new, something exciting for CMI customers.
"You name it, we can do it," is Owen's motto.
CMI has produced H3-45 Prevost Car conversions, luxury van conversions, Freightliner van conversions, even old school bus chassis for Ohio State tailgater diehards.  "That market has been expanding for the last several years; we don't take sides on the teams, we just help the fans enjoy themselves before and after the games."
The most popular options for exterior customization include custom paint and graphics, vinyl and decal schemes.  Interior options are marble, granite, leather, bamboo and natural woods, sculptured carpet.  Electronics include in-motion dishes, wireless internet access, DVD-based GPS systems, Alpine multi-media entertainment centers, SATCOM and flip-down plasma televisions.
Other features of CMI coaches include autostart generators, remote controlled sliding side doors, rooftop air, remote retractable awnings, bolt security safes, LCD touch controls for total coach automation (lighting, heating, cooling, entertainment and mini-blind operations).
"We'll convert just about any coach we can fit into our bays.  What's important is that our interiors and exteriors are built to last decades; to be driven millions of miles.  That’s how we think about our design and production capabilities here at CMI and that's what our customers get.  The better the platform, the longer lasting the coach."
CMI will either provide a shell for conversion or customers may provide one themselves.  Typical coach conversion, depending upon production schedules can take from two to four months.
Owen points to the fact that because CMI has had experience with so many different platforms, CMI has insight into the best use of mechanicals, materials and storage capabilities for coaches in general.  CMI's expertise in this area is unparalleled in the industry.
"We can put together an entire fleet of vehicles, all converted right here if needed, from long trailer, coach, trailers and additional vehicles, based upon a single theme, if necessary," Own notes.  "Because we control each and every conversion component, you bring the vision and we'll make into a reality."
All interested customers are free to contact CMI through the internet, by phone or just stop by.  The firm is located at 6497 Seeds Road, just east of I-71 in Grove City, Ohio, not far from Columbus.  All work is performed at the CMI Grove City facility by CMI employees.
Knowing that the future bodes well for CMI, Owen has his eyes on a 24-acre site not far away. 
Considering that Owen is a man who takes dreams very seriously, look for a new address in the not-too-distant future!


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