Custom Conversion Testimonials

"I came to CMI after a protracted poor experience with the supposed leading manufacturer of adventure Sprinters in the Northwest who failed to grasp my one off design.  Thankfully, I found CMI and they were able to understand and embrace my very detailed designs and intent for a van with multiple functions and configurations all with the infrastructure stowable onboard.  As a builder/designer myself, with rather particular and exacting tendencies, I was impressed with CMI’s capabilities and professionalism throughout the entire project from initial design discussions, to material selections, to complex detail resolution.  CMI’s staff and ownership instilled enough trust and confidence that my entire build was completed solely with communication over the phone and internet, allowing me to not have to take away from my business responsibilities to travel to Ohio until the job was complete.
My Sprinter gives me great joy and pride and I’m constantly asked about the van and regularly give out CMI’s business cards with a heartfelt referral.  If you’re thinking of having a Sprinter done and want to avoid the generic low production tolerances, cheap materials, and poor quality of the mass production manufacturers and instead want something out of the box, with quality and attention paid to every detail, CMI is the firm with all the abilities and true professional character…search no further."
Ed Boersma
San Francisco Area

"The sprinter is working out extremely well and we have had no problems at all with it. It has served us well on several large fire scenes as we had hoped.  You and your company are the large part of the reason it has worked well. You were able to take our thoughts and ideas, along with yours, and make it happen.  Many of our local fire departments like it as well and may in future gravitate to the same vehicle." 
Fire Chief Dave Piche' 
Bloomfield Township Fire Department

"Creative Mobile Interiors has converted several of our Sprinters from a distance.  My own, very complicated conversion was accomplished with one trip before contract signing, one trip to pick up the finished unit, and a whole bunch of e-mails and telephone calls with the CMI project manager in between. Maybe not as good as being in Columbus to check on things every day, but even from 2K+ miles away, communications were good enough to get most everything done as I wanted, and I would not hesitate to have Owen build me another one from the same distance.
Again... Sent after 200 miles of off road driving
My honest opinion is that the two days of constant vibration would have caused all kinds of damage to a serial production Sprinter conversion. Cabinets would have started to separate from the sidewalls and fixtures and attachments would have likely come loose. In our Sprinter, however, once we got back to pavement, the truck was as solid as ever and seemingly unaffected by the pounding it took. I see that to be quite a tribute to the skill and craftsmanship that went into her construction, and I want to once again thank you and your crew for their efforts on our behalf."
Mike Hiscox
2005 mid/tall 2500 Expedition Camper 

"The family and I returned home late on Monday evening. I want to take a moment to compliment everyone at CMI. We were all very pleased with the work done at CMI. Nancy and I felt that the entire crew at CMI were extremely helpful and went out of their way for us during our brief visit. We want to you know that their help, assistance, and attention was very much appreciated. We are already talking about returning to CMI for additional work in the future." 
Thank You,
Larry and Nancy Plachno
National Bus Trader

"Hope all is well with you and everyone at CMI! I last reported that the CMI retrofits to my coach were a hit with my band (Second Nature). We have had a busy summer and enjoyed many miles in the coach. All the CMI retrofits met or exceeded our expectations, especially the new electronics, and we enjoyed the coach more than ever.....Best wishes for continued success, please stay in touch and thanks again for the great job on my coach."
Best regards,
Tommie James
Camden, SC

"I’m sure that you know, but Josh is a great “point man”. He moved everything along in an exceptional manner. We were updated regularly with progress photos which I shared with the Executive Director and staff that are directly involved with the program for which the Sprinter was modified. Everyone has been blown away with the pictures and we were excited to finally see the vehicle. We expect our funding source to be equally impressed with the final product. If we’re funded to purchase/modify other vehicles in the future we’ll definitely come to you guys. We’ll also provide referrals." 
Thanks again
Joseph Diaz
Director of Operations and Community Development

“Hey Josh, Thanks for everything. The van looks great. The family loves it. Katie was disappointed I drove it to work to showoff and she had to wait until after school to see it. She finally got her turn Tuesday night and gave it the thumbs up. I was so excited though it really didn't hit me til the afternoon. Thanks again for all your hard work. And, thanks also for the pictures. I put them in my screen saver rotation. I'm sure I'll have a few questions for you later after I've had a chance to spend some time in the back.”
John Nieman

"As for the Sprinter, again all I can I say is "WOW", you guys did a GREAT job, your entire team. I can't wait to show her off at the parking lot before the game........Again, I can't say it enough, Thanks, all you guys came through in First Class style and hopefully you guys are as proud of her as we are."
Mike Connellee
Baltimore, MD

“I hope we can help your company grow by showing the coach to interested people. You know, we really have taken so many risks as a family, and this one might just be the biggest yet. It really feels like living in a small home, just the way I thought it would be! We live in a Class A motor coach resort. There are so many people here who are business owners and extremely successful people. We are surrounded by many one to nearly two million dollar coaches, yet every one loves our coach because of the unique look and color! I’m glad we didn’t buy a used coach, because this one really reflects who we are.”
Steve Sowinski
Port Lucie West, Florida

"It is nice to see someone else having Owen and his crew do another Sprinter. Owen outfitted mine, which I picked up in November. His crew are experienced craftsmen at what they do. It was evident how much pride they had in their work while I was there during my pick up. If you like helping in the design of your new Sprinter they will include you as much as possible through the whole process. This is the major difference between a mass produced vehicle and a custom vehicle." 
Suzanne Ward
Atkinson, NH

"I finally had my finish work done the work was expertly performed by Owen and Mike and the whole crew at CMI. They descended on my van like a swarm of bees at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning and had me done and out of the shop by 4:00 p.m. Thursday. All told I think there were nine of the crew who took part in the work and they did it with the utmost skill and wonderful attitude and courtesy. These guys know their stuff and go about it very efficiently with a great attitude. It was a pleasure to have them do the work for me. The estimate they gave me was right on the money too, no surprises." 
Mike Hannan
Tellico Plains, TN

"Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Owen Connaughton and his company, Creative Mobile Interiors on an interior retrofit of my MC-9 coach. Owen and his team met with me, analyzed my needs and designed and installed an exciting new interior, all within my budget. My coach looks terrific and is so much more functional. I am now proud to entertain guests on my coach. The quality of craftsmanship is beyond reproach. What's more they were easy to work with and completed the job within my time frame." 
Brian Doyle
Dublin, Ohio

"We wanted our own hotel room on wheels. We got a custom appointed Sprinter that exceeded our wildest dreams. The more time we spend in it the more we appreciate CMI's style and exquisite attention to detail. Everywhere we go people are a first curious and then amazed. We never realized we had so many friends." 
Eric and Trudi Cooper
Manchester, MI