Magnificent Ground-Up Flxible Restoration

From its home in a field to its new life as a one-of-a-kind luxury motorhome!


These customers made their decision to buy and restore a Flxible after the 2006 movie, “RV.” They hunted for years trying to find a diamond in the rough. After exhaustive searching, they found a Flxible living in a field in the Pacific Northwest. The coach was in rough shape, but they saw the potential. The customers bought the classic vehicle and immediately found a company to restore the engine and drivetrain. From there, these adventurous coach owners found us.  The customers worked hand in hand with our team, and in then end, they got exactly what they were after.  The interior, exterior, and vehicle systems (electrical, plumbing, etc) were totally redone, so this coach is as up to date as any.

1952 Flxible Clipper Restoration