Curbside Ministry

Curbside Ministries - A Ministry on Wheels!

Creative Mobile Interiors worked hand-in-hand with a Kentucky couple to develop a one-of-a-kind ministry for children.  Their long-time dream came true in the form of a Freightliner 170" Extended Sprinter.  This mobile organization, called Curbside Ministries, will travel around to communities "sharing love, sharing truth" and "bringing it straight to you."  The plan is to take their cause on the road and out to people, entertaining them in the process! 
This project redefines '10 pounds of fun in a 5 pound bag'...  The once empty cargo van quickly turned from an everyday vehicle into a rolling funhouse that differs from everything else on the road.  Set off visually with an abundance of lime green and purple, this vehicle is eye-catching in from every angle.  The exterior features a full graphics wrap for style, an electric awning for shade, and a 40" LCD TV that plays through the side window!  This TV is hooked to an XBOX Kinnect that will enable children to play video games outside.  Kids will also be able to play corn hole and other games outside while listening to the custom PA/sound system.  
The interior of this Sprinter conversion is just as fun as the outside.  It features an efficient and functional design necessary for this amount of activity and supplies.  Vibrant colors and logos add a pop of excitement everywhere you look.  The front of the vehicle features two custom captain's chairs and a three person fold-up bench seat.  This arrangement enables Curbside to travel around with the necessary help required for their busy program.  A flip down TV gives the volunteers some entertainment while heading down the road.  Behind the storable bench seat is a bathroom that makes longer trips a breeze (minimal stops!).  
Moving towards the rear, the ministry-on-wheels only gets more functional.  A passenger side galley contains a refrigerator, sink, microwave, and plenty of storage.  Behind the galley is a custom cabinet built specifically to hold sporting equipment and games.  The cabinet size was dictated by the corn hole boards that are used as a lid to the large storage cubby.  This area also provides a storage cubby accessible from the rear that will house two folding tables and many collapsible camp chairs.
Across the aisle is a large storage unit with a small counter that provides extra prep-space.  Sitting behind the green and purple doors are enough games and art supplies to keep many kids happy for a very long time.  Beyond that is an ice cream freezer that will keep kids happy for even longer...  The rear of the vehicle was designed to function like a small ice-cream shop with a counter and concession window.  Kids can read the menu off of the giant whiteboard door, and order the sugary treat they desire for no cost.
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