Custom Ford Transit Dog Hauler

Custom Ford Transit Dog Hauler (4x4)


This Extended Ford Transit was converted from an empty cargo van for our customer and their canine companions.


Windows, a sub-floor and sub-ceiling were installed, insulated, and then finished with a vinyl padded overlay. A rubber-coated plastic floor kit adds durability and function to this vehicle. An inverter system with shoreline connection, auxilary battery, and an Onan generator were also installed to help power the van.


Behind the driver's area is a custom-built galley and overhead cabinet where you will find a microwave, sink, refrigerator with freezer, and custom storage. We installed a platform riser behind the galley and secured six dog crates to the riser. A platform above the crates can be used for storage or a potential sleeping area, and a custom storage compartment is also located underneath the riser. Along with HVAC, a roof fan, and custom LED lighting, a screen door that zips shut was installed on the rear cargo doors allowing for exposure to desired outdoor elements.


The Aluminess rear bumper with sliding arms allows for secure storage of any items not wanted inside and relocated the spare tire to the rear doors.  We also installed an exterior power awning which allows for entertaining or just getting those pups out of the hot sun on a long excursion!

Custom Ford Transit Dog Hauler