Custom Family Sprinter Van with Comfort and Style

Custom Family Road Trip Van - Mercedes Sprinter Conversion


This Sprinter was built specifically for a family that loves to travel and experience new places.  With a big roof rack and rear storage compartment, they can bring just about anything along with them.  In fact, they bring bikes, kayaks, and much more along for the ride. The vehicle has seating for seven, so friends are welcome to join in the fun.  



The driver's compartment is closed off from the rear cabin to allow for individual comfort, but there is a sliding plexiglass window that can be opened or closed.  That same partition wall houses two 22" LED TVs that can be individually sourced so there can be two things on at once.  Wireless headphones make sure there's no sound interference from the TVs.  Above the two TVs there are storage compartments for personal items, as well as a microwave and hidden-away espresso maker.



Perhaps the coolest feature of this vehicle (other than the comfy seats, TVs, espresso maker, etc) is the material used for wall and ceiling panels.  To make the interior warm and modern, the wall surfaces were finished in real bamboo.  In addition, there are custom, retro parcel racks fabricated from aluminum.  The parcel racks were sized specifically to fit the customer's collection of vintage suitcases.



The rear of the van features a sofa that folds to a bed and has completely open storage below.  Behind it there's a large storage area, access to the vehicle's electrical, and a huge portable fridge.  Not shown are the items that use the wall and floor tracks.  There are custom bamboo tables that fasten into the wall tracks and move about wherever you need.  The floor tracks are used to tie-down a custom ottoman that hides a portable toilet.  Unique, functional, and cool - that's what we do!