Wheelchair Accessible M2 Family Sprinter

Custom Mauck2 Sprinter with under vehicle wheelchair lift (UVL)


This beautiful navy blue M2 Sprinter was built for a family that had some very specific needs. With a child in a wheelchair, the first thing was access to the interior. This Mauck2 was fitted with a UVL (under vehicle lift) that totally stows out of the way, beneath the vehicle's stepwell.


The extra interior space in the M2 allowed the family enough room for the wheelchair, as well as space for other day to day items. When taking trips (long or short), this family needed specific amenities to get away from home. These amenities included a bathroom area, a sleeping area, plenty of storage, and access to food (refrigerator/microwave) - things added specifically for their child with special needs. This van creates a comfortable space for everyone, and a safe place for their child.


The rear half of the vehicle can be curtained off for privacy, while the front area acts as a sort of living room.  When a cookie-cutter vehicle just won't do, CMI can/will create exactly what you need!  

Wheelchair Accessible Mauck2 Family Van