Luxurious Private Jet Ford Transit Van

Custom Ford Transit - Private Jet on Wheels


This 148'' EXT Ford Transit conversion was built as a luxurious oasis for work and play.  Used as an office as much as a luxury family/friend cruiser, this van is as high-class as it gets.  From the all white painted-to-match exterior, to the rich, opulent interior materials, this van makes you feel like you have arrived!  


In addition to some of our more standard options such as building/installing insulation, walls, ceiling, and flooring, CMI put the following main features into this conversion:

  • Four white and black powered captain's chairs and rear 3-person bench seat that folds to a bed
  • Aviator tables and removable tables
  • Custom curved overhead wood storage cabinets
  • In-motion Wi-Fi
  • Custom wood partition walls separating the driver's area and rear luggage area, front partition with hidden passage
  • 43" front TV and 32" rear TV, with ample sources from an XBox, Smart functions, HDMI ports, and more
  • Rear luggage storage/shelving and interior rear storage with refrigerator drawer and XBox stations
  • Auxiliary rear HVAC 
  • Rear ladder and bike rack
  • Exterior bumpers/body panels/mirrors/etc painted to match
  • Custom fiberglass running boards, painted to match
  • Thule rooftop storage bix, painted to match
Luxurious Private Jet Ford Transit Van