Mauck2 Luxury Transport Shuttle

Mauck2 - Luxury Transport Shuttle

After a long day of skiing, who wouldn't want a warm Mercedes to climb into?  This custom Mauck2 Sprinter was built for a ski resort to transport their guests to and from the slopes - in comfort, warmth, and style!  The interior is built with highly durable materials, so don't worry abut tracking in snow... 
Nine ultra-comfortable, ultra-leather captain's chairs allow plenty of room for stretching out while on the road.  Each seat has a safety belt, custom embroidered headrest, and an overhead light for individual convenience.  Several of the captain's chairs can swivel to face one another, making your trip more intimate if you are traveling with a friend (or friends).
Three of the seating positions have full-out aircraft-style tables that offer flexibility to the passengers.  Whether reading, snacking, or working on a laptop, this vehicle keeps your options open.  Furthermore, the rearmost captain's chairs are elevated on a unique platform that encompasses two of this vehicle's coolest features.
The lowest platform is designed to keep rear storage access open and useable from the rear hatch - perfect for skiing gear, including the extra-long space needed for skis themselves.  The second tier features two custom pull-out ice chests that will keep drinks and sandwiches cold and ready for the passengers. 
Entrainment comes via the automated flip-down 26" LED TV in the front bulkhead.  Sourced from the the onboard Playstation3 or the rear stereo unit (including iPod), the guests have numerous options to fight boredom (the driver and passenger have their own options as well).  Wireless headphones allow even more flexibility for those aboard as each person can individually chose their entertainment.  If everyone agrees on what to watch, the sound can crank through the custom stereo that makes this Mauck2 feel like a rolling movie theater.
To cap everything off, a custom two-toned paint scheme was completed with reflective graphics.  To learn more about the Mauck 2 Sprinter, check out