Mobile Bar Refrigerated Sprinter

Mobile Bar & Entertainment, Refrigerated Sprinter


This Mercedes Sprinter was converted for Niko's Bar & Gyro's so they could bring their famous food and drink to homes, special events, and businesses.


A large awning over the sliding door provides shade for customers, and just inside the door is a custom-built service counter with stainless steel counter tops, an ice chest, and four beer taps! CMI also installed custom flooring, cabinetry, plumbing for a sink behind the driver's area, and a state of the art audio system. In the rear of the Sprinter is a HUGE walk-in cooler to keep food and beer kegs cold.


A trailer with a smoker is pulled behind the Sprinter so that hot food can be prepared and an entertainment center was installed in the very back of the Sprinter with a separate audio system, LED TV, and satellite dish.