Mobile Marketing Product Display Sprinter

Experiential mobile marketing van for exhibiting and bringing products to the customer


This marketing event vehicle was built for Panasonic and its business products line. The van travels the country on various tours promoting various products and services; CMI designed and built the van specifically for the Panasonic products. The van was also built to be modified from time to time as the tours change: the cabinetry and electrical systems were designed to change as the products do, allowing for smoother transitions between tours. There's also much more to this van than bright blue floors and cool LED lighting. The roof was designed with a projector system incorporated for nighttime displays. The customer pulls up next to a building, turns on the projector, and all of a sudden the van creates an outdoor display that would grab anyone's attention. Also incorporated into this build is an interior 7.5KW diesel generator that runs from the fuel tank!

Mercedes Sprinter Mobile Display Unit