Mobile Framing Shop On Wheels

Mobile Framing Shop

An owner of a framing shop decided to build a shop on wheels when customers became more and more reluctant to drive into the city because of climbing gas prices.
The mobile store is built on a 170 inch cargo Sprinter with not so typical straight vertical walls.  A gas generator was installed to power the auxiliary rooftop AC and all the interior lights.
A large customer interaction area provides a comfortable area for clients to view the frames and mats and a printer and laptop to close the deal. The walls are covered in a special carpet used for Velcro applications allowing frames and mats to be displayed all over the walls.
Ten vertical panels in the rear of the Sprinter provide additional display space.
All the finishes in the Sprinter match those inside of the upscale store and a sound system that provides ambient music also resembles the store's atmosphere.