Custom Camping Sprinter

Custom Luxury RV Camper - Mercedes Sprinter Conversion


If a customer wants something glitzy, CMI will provide it – but some customers want to put their vehicle to work while traveling across the country.  This was exactly the case with this Sprinter that CMI built from the ground up.  The customers came to CMI with the hopes of designing a custom camper for their adventure-filled travels.  Though their address says they live in Georgia, the couple rarely spends time in their home state.  They needed a vehicle to take them back and forth across the country, into Alaska, Canada, and beyond.  Through hand-in-hand design communication, CMI was able to build them the perfect home away from home.  



Camping for two people was the primary use of this vehicle, but it also needed the available space and amenities for a couple more.  An overflow sleeping area was accomplished with a comfortable sofa behind the driver’s seat.  This sofa folds flat and resides in the main lounge area of this 24-foot vehicle.  Across from the aisle-facing sofa is a reclining captain’s chair perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day.  Behind this cozy living area are dual galley cabinets.  The galley includes a two-burner cooktop, a 3.6 cubic-foot refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and a kitchen sink with a custom cutting board filler.  The onboard water system features portable tanks with a city water inlet for easy to use, flexible plumbing solutions based on where the vehicle is located.  Beyond the galley is another sitting area with individual single-person sofas and a rear sofa that seats three.  In the blink of an eye this comfy lounge space converts to a bed that nearly fits the dimensions of a queen-size mattress.  Above all of this is an expansive upper cabinet that wraps around the rear of the vehicle.  The cabinets have specific areas for the removable pedestal tables, front blackout curtain, a removable shelf for the customer’s C-PAP machine, dishes, etc.



This unique Sprinter was built with a variable high-idle function allowing the owners to run the vehicle for extended periods of time.  In addition to that feature, CMI installed a full auxiliary battery system with two batteries, a 2,800W inverter system, and a 30A shoreline connection.  The customers now have several options for when and where they can enjoy their new vehicle.  These systems are necessary, but there is also a need for some personalized amenities to suit how these owners travel.  Those features include a custom skylight for stargazing, full LED lighting, an exterior powered awning, a hidden cassette toilet, an in-dash multimedia stereo and surround sound system, a large countertop extension that doubles as a desk surface, a 30,000BTU auxiliary HVAC system, and ample storage throughout.  Couple those features with Corian countertops, gloss cabinetry, silky Ultraleather upholstery, an earthy tile floor, and custom day/night shades and you’ve got the perfect place to kick your feet up after a hike in the mountains.



We strive to exceed expectations and work hard to make sure each vehicle functions better than it looks.  When a vehicle is used or built for specific kinds of travel, it has to function at 110%.  With intelligent engineering and craftsmanship, this vehicle uses every ounce of space to create a one-of-a-kind adventure machine for a couple that is never at home.