Outdoor Lifestyle 4x4 Camping Van

A Mercedes Sprinter built for camping, off-roading, and mountain biking adventures!


This off-road focused Sprinter van was built for a customer who likes to get off the beaten path. The new four wheel drive system will allow him to get where he wants, and the custom CMI conversion will allow him to enjoy his travels. With an off-the-grid electrical system (solar panels, battery bank, etc) this van can afford to get lost in the wilderness.


While there, you can cook (on the diesel cooktop), get cold items from the large fridge, wash your hands at the sink, use the bathroom (indoors), take a hot shower, and even sleep on a queen size bed - basically all of the things you can do in a hotel! Perhaps the best part - you can bring your toys with you! Beneath the modular lofted bed is a toy hauler area made specifically to fit the customers' mountain bikes! With all this, who wouldn't want to get lost in the woods!?

Adventure Sprinter Toy Hauler