Custom Penny Edition Executive Sprinter Van

Introducing, the "Penny Edition" Custom Executive Limo Sprinter


CMI is proud to introduce a custom Sprinter conversion that is a 'head' above the rest!  This Sprinter conversion was built for business or pleasure and features high-end amenities mixed with penny accents throughout!  With comfortable seating for eight, this copper Sprinter will have you feeling lucky while you're traveling from point A to point B.  



The Freightliner Sprinter is meant to ride below the radar, but the exterior still pops in a rich copper brown color (Dolomite Brown Metallic). Open the side door and you'll be treated to an incredible one-off interior that plays off of Penny's exterior hue.  An eye-pleasing taupe color palette is taken to the next level with textured metallic trim, custom black leather quilted seats, a self-draining ice chest, custom curb cabinets with cupholders/storage, and high end audio. 



On top of the comfy seating, this executive limousine Sprinter also has some pretty incredible LED lighting.  Each seat has it's own individual reading light, while the ceiling has five continuous strips of LEDs.  The inner strips shine white while the outer strips can be set to an endless array of colors.  Speaking of LED, there's a very nice 28" Samsung TV upfront.  Next to the TV is the Digital Media Receiver controlling the rear audio/video.



To make sure you don't forget her name, Penny has been adorned with some very custom accents throughout.  In various places you'll find custom stainless accents with brand new heads-up pennies!  In addition, we painstakingly created inlaid aisle runners that feature individual pennies sunken into the floor in an alternating heads-tails pattern.  Trust us, you've never seen anything like this!