Rugged Adventure Vehicle

A Rugged Adventure Vehicle Built for Playing in the Outdoors

It's not often a Mercedes is built to get dirty. Then again, CMI doesn't do common things.  Sand, mud, salt water, off-roading, rain?  This Mercedes Sprinter van doesn't have any problem with that.  Built for an outdoor enthusiast that prides himself on his adventures, this vehicle redefines "camper."  On the road outside, or in the city, this stealth camping rig does it all.  Just call it a Swiss army knife on wheels!
The exterior of this custom off road machine is meant to look mean.  Blacked out logos, wheels, custom light bar, and a rear ladder make this vehicle look like it can take on the world.  All-terrain tires, a full undercoat, double insulation, and a roof rack (with every attachment) actually make that possible. And for those of you that question its non 4x4 abilities; the owner would tell you that it's all about the driver - he has managed to take this rugged beauty further than a good amount of four wheel drive friends. 
The interior of this outside-minded, toy-hauling van is where the fun truly begins.  Working hand in hand with the customer, the design team at CMI drew up every detail and hand-fabricated nearly every feature.  No space was left unused, and no stone left unturned.  The front area was left mostly untouched, but CMI did add carpeting, swivel seats, and a removable diamond plate table.  Behind the driver's area is the second, convertible, seating area.  A custom 3-person bench was fabricated into a floor track that allows it to slide fore and aft about three feet.  The backrest of the bench pulls out and slides in the front to create a comfortable bed for one person.  Perhaps the nicest feature of this bench; it is a 3-piece unit that is completely removable and doubles nicely as "lawn chairs" for around the fire.  On the driver's side, in front of that bench, is a small sink and removable Corian table for food prep, etc.  Overhead, CMI built a sizable cabinet that houses a control panel, storage, and a microwave.   
The rear half of the vehicle has too many features/details to explain, but we'll attempt to anyway.  There's LED lighting (in ceiling as well as flexible light that can be used inside and outside), expansive MacTrac systems/connections, a custom bedliner floor, two roof vents, a diesel-fired heater, rear stereo, waterproof outlets (etc)...  Custom wheel well boxes were built down the length of the vehicle to conceal plumbing/electrical components and to keep them dry.  The interior was designed to allow for indoor showers (via the interior/exterior shower system), as well as the opportunity to spray out after a long (dirty) trip.  Overhead shelves are removable and foldable for various storage opportunities, and multiple outriggers were fabricated to allow for surf boards, skis, and so on, along the walls.  Larger platforms were built as sofas and are also able to flip, fold, and be taken out.  This gives the customer the opportunity to fit and haul all of his toys - namely dirt bikes.  The van is designed to allow for anywhere from 1-3 people and up to two motorcycles.   
The rear sofas also double, and triple as beds.  For a couple's trip, the middle table lowers and becomes a filler, nearly creating a queen size bed.  When two people need to sleep and there's a motorcycle present; the bed platforms flip around to the other side and stack to create bunk beds (structure was added to the ceiling for a hanging bed design).  Many more clever solutions exist in the unique vehicle, but we'll end with the custom diamond plate table/bed filler...  Attach a small bracket located under the table and you've got your ramp - how else would you get the bikes in this rig?!  To see a testimonial from this customer (top entry), please click HERE.