Sprinter Private Jet on Wheels

Custom Sprinter Van, Like a Private Jet on Wheels


Built for business and personal travel, this 170'' EXT Mercedes Sprinter van is as luxe as a private plane.  With ample seating, storage, luxury amenities, beautiful custom lighting, high-end audio/video, and much more.  Accented with subtle, but striking exterior flag graphics, this blacked-out executive conversion van will let everyone know you've arrived.  


In addition to some of our more standard options such as building/installing insulation, walls, ceiling, and flooring, CMI put the following main features into this conversion:

  • Blacked out wheels and custom ground effects kit
  • Exterior awning
  • Custom matte black flag graphics
  • Luxury seating including two reclining chairs and custom rear sofa benches that make to a sleeping surface
  • LED ceiling lighting in white and color-changing
  • Inverter system with built-in charging system, shoreline connection, and second alternator
  • 32" LED Smart TV with touchscreen Kenwood media center
  • Hi-fi Hertz audio system
  • Rear storage room with large refrigerator and microwave, as well as ample luggage space
Sprinter Private Jet on Wheels