Custom Mauck2 Tailgater® with 65'' TV

Custom Mauck2 Tailgater® with 65'' TV


This Mauck2 has everything but the kitchen sink!  It came to CMI an empty, unpainted shell...  But when it was finished, this M2 Sprinter was filled with luxury tailgating amenities that make sure everyone is comfortable and entertained.  The fun isn't just on the inside though, the exterior features a custom-designed paint job that accentuates the unique, curvy body.  



The side door entry leads you into the lower front seating area.  This areas features four custom captain's chairs, two of which have electric footrests.  There's a 29" LED TV up front, above a custom center console that stretches into the driver's area.  Don't worry about the driver and passenger either, they have their own comfy seats, stereo controls, wooden dash trim, and much more.



The raised rear lounge has a custom leather sofa, beautiful crystal bar cabinet, and a 40" LED TV that rises out of that cabinet with the push of a button.  Hidden throughout is a stereo system that is capable of incredible clarity and bass.  You might not expect it, but this Mauck2 has over 4000 watts audio power.



In case the luxurious interior wasn't enough, CMI put a huge 65" LED TV that plays out the rear hatch with its own, separate exterior sound system.  On top of this exterior entertainment area, there's also ample storage and three built-in ice-chests for your beverage enjoyment!



Tailgate Mauck2