Luxury Sprinter RV for Tailgating & Camping

Custom Mercedes Sprinter built for tailgating, roadtrips, and occasional overnight glamping (glamorous camping)


This beauty was built from scratch for a former football player, and his family and friends. The vehicle was built for multiple purposes; mostly to travel from city to city during the college football season, but also to take on vacations and roadtrips. It works wonderfully for tailgating on game days, but the full bathroom, kitchenette, and folding sofas allow it to make for a comfortable overnight camper. The driver's side features a unique custom sofa that's 15-feet long and can fold down in two sections to create a sizable sleeping area.


The rear bathroom has plenty of room to move about and actually has a separate stand-up shower (bigger than just about any you'd find in a Sprinter). And would you believe there's a custom stained glass window in the bathroom!? That's all fun, but there has to be some entertainment on board for all of the passengers and partiers... So of course there's a 32" LED TV in front (with its own LOUD stereo system) and a 55" LED TV facing out the rear (with an even bigger stereo system)!  There's also a hidden ice chest just inside the sliding door, a full generator system, diesel-fired heat, and much more!

Luxurious RV / Tailgating Sprinter