Custom Executive Bus

Dazzling Executive Bus

Creative Mobile Interiors recently delivered a dazzling executive bus. This extraordinary Prevost H3-45 bus was built for a hard working stockbroker who also likes to entertain. With a top-of-the-line sound system, a workstation command center, and state-of-the-art cove lighting, one things for sure…you won’t see anything else like it out on the road.      
You know this is going to be something special even before walking into the bus. With a custom black and white paint design, described as tribal with a new age twist, this bus catches your attention immediately.
Blue lights through the aisles illuminate the entire pathway of the bus. Color-changing, high-tech cove lighting lines all the custom valances. The front lounge includes two custom white ultra leather sofas and a 32” LCD monitor. LED accents line the counter edges and encircle the air conditioning ducts on the ceiling. Even the exterior has blue led lights under all the handles! A small dinette and galley area features another 32” LCD monitor. Across the aisle is the galley.
The galley includes a sink, small counter top, convection microwave, ice maker, refrigerator, and custom wine rack
The curvy hallway continues the modern design and allows for an extra roomy bathroom on the curbside. Next you come to six bunks, three on each side. Each bunk has its own a privacy curtain and a reading light.
The gorgeous bathroom features a red and beige color scheme - a change from the rest of the coach. Beautiful beige ceramic tiles cover the shower walls and the entire lavatory floor. Splashes of red accent tiles in the shower match the beautiful glass resin vessel sink. Custom curved cabinetry and counters follow the curve of the sink.
Across from the bathroom is an impressive AV rack which includes his computer system, sound system, and in-motion satellite all controlled by a RTI remote. Being a big gamer, the customer has an Xbox 360 in both the front and back rooms. Either Xbox can be switched out with an onboard PS3 Blu-ray and used as an all around entertainment system
Rear of the bunk area is the rear lounge which is both his office and master bedroom. This is accomplished by a one of a kind Murphy bed system. The bed, with a push of a button, goes up inside the wall.
When down, two cabinet doors are accessible that open up into a storage area. When the bed is up, a two panel door is revealed. One panel goes down providing a work surface and the other panel lifts up revealing ten 17” monitors mounted under the bed. The monitors are tied into the computer network which is connected to the internet via two Wi-Fi routers. The bedroom now becomes his office!!! This room also includes a small custom ultra leather covered seat with storage below, a 42” TV monitor, and a roof hatch that leads to a roof deck accessible by a telescopic ladder.