First-Class MCI Charter Coach

First-Class Seated Charter Coach - MCI J4500


This was another job for Limo Liner, a luxury charter company out of Massachusetts.  The coach seats 28 people instead of 54, so each person has significantly more room to stretch out and enjoy their travels.  You can sit in a single seat and have privacy, or you can book a trip with colleagues and have the entire rear lounge for privacy, meetings, etc.  On top of the more luxurious seating, this coach also gives you access to WiFi, ample televisions (with satellite TV), a spacious and more private bathroom, and a large galley area where food and drinks can be prepared.  In today's world, many charter companies are following this trend of adapting to provide a luxury service.  In the end, custom quality and added amenities make the slightly higher fare perfectly warranted.

First Class Charter Coach - MCI