Custom Luxury Corporate Coach

A Luxury MCI J4500 for Elegant, Comfortable Travel Between New York and Boston


Charter coaches have been around for quite awhile, but only recently have some companies started to offer less seating, but more comfort.  CMI has been on the forefront of this trend and has been building luxury seated charter coaches for years.  Some of these buses seat 54, some seat 18 - it's all up to you!  While less seating might seem like a worrisome option, when your customers pay more, the smaller occupancy becomes a selling point.  This coach for Limo Liner, out of Massachusetts, is a perfect example.  The coach seats 28 people, but each person has significantly more room to stretch out and enjoy their travels.  You can sit in a single seat and have privacy, or you can book a trip with colleagues and have the entire rear lounge for privacy, meetings, etc.  On top of the more luxurious seating, this coach also gives you access to WiFi, ample televisions (with satellite TV), a spacious (and more private) bathroom, and a large galley area with food and drinks.  In the end, custom quality and added amenities make the slightly higher fare perfectly warranted.

Luxury J Model MCI Charter Bus