C-SPANs High-Tech Interactive Marketing Coach

C-SPAN’s “Washington Your Way” Experience - The Digital Bus

C-SPAN, a public cable network, came to CMI for the creation of a 'Digital Bus' that would show off its amazing technological capabilities. The Prevost H3-45 is C-SPAN's cross-country multi-media educational vehicle, built for a new age. This bus will travel around the country educating people in current events and public affairs... and it will do so in a way that no vehicle ever has! 
C-SPAN and Creative Mobile Interiors took environmental concerns into consideration when building and buying this vehicle. An effort was made to use renewable and reusable materials whenever and wherever possible.  Features include the use of bamboo, LED lighting and sustainable Corian materials throughout.  The Prevost coach’s engine technology also meets strict EPA environmental standards.
Prior to the conversion, the bus drove about advertising the upcoming summer 2010 launch.  Once completed the buses exterior changed clothes (vinyl wrap) to reflect its completion. The exterior also includes an outdoor 46” TV and two side awnings. For circulation and accessibility purposes, a second door was installed with a wheelchair lift and custom removable steps.
This phenomenon-on-wheels is sure to impress even the biggest tech-lovers. Upon entering the bus, visitors are led up an LED lit stair well wrapped with custom curved handrails. As soon as they round the large column (covered in small monitors) they are blown over with the energy emanating from the interior of this one-of-a-kind beauty. A total of five TVs, three laptops, four touch screen kiosks and a high charged audio system surround you in an extreme sensory experience that amplifies the atmosphere to amazing levels. Other A/V equipment includes a Kenwood multimedia DVD receiver with navigation & Bluetooth, built-in Garmin navigation, Integra 4-Zone Receiver, premium 6.5 stereo surround sound, an RF Antenna Road Star RS-2000 Omni-directional built-in, solid state amplifier signal boosts... etc.
The first section includes a 42” LCD TV and a kiosk. The second, adjoining area, has another kiosk and two 32” LCD TVs. The TVs in both rooms have the capability to display cable, satellite or DVD from any of the four Bluray players.  These options help demonstrate the main product – C-SPAN's multiple television networks.
Each of the kiosks feature two interactive 23” HP touch screens which display custom C-SPAN web offerings, video library resources, and a trivia game. The kiosks are also equipped with webcams to gather ideas and opinions on national issues.
Near the middle of the coach are two metal columns that support the solid acrylic pocket doors.  Beyond the acrylic dividers is the second entrance/exit door and a three-laptop workstation comprised of a curved bamboo desk and bar stools.  A little further back is the presentation room.  This area features a 46” LCD TV, an incredible SMARTBoard and a unique J-lounge. Here, C-SPAN hosts workshops and presentations to show off all of the exciting interactive services they offer. The J-lounge is made up of portable chair pods that can be moved out of the way to allow a green screen to be brought in. Just like that, a large production studio!
The final area, behind a curved wall and pocket door, includes a comfortable lavatory, an A/V rack, and a galley complete with sink, refrigerator and microwave.
Check out our Virtual Tour page to see live broadcast tours of the Digital Bus!