Event Marketing RV

Mobile Marketing RV

This cutting edge product display vehicle was delivered to D&S Creative, marketing company of Lutron, a leading manufacturer of lighting controls. The event marketing vehicle was built to show off the company’s product line at home improvement retail stores across the country.
Created in a fully loaded Gulfstream Tour Master with three slide outs, the project was divided into three phases. First, everything from a previous tour was removed. In Phase 2, a slide out was removed and replaced with a new wall, rear entrance door and step system. Phase 3 involved building and laminating all the sub walls and laying Centiva flooring. The ceiling was removed and a lighting system was snaked through out the length of the bus. A curved, 2 step riser with under edge LED rope lighting was installed. Also, customer supplied displays and kiosks were installed. When completed, an engaging exploration into the world of dimmers and lights was created.
Outside the vehicle, a TV was installed in a cut out on the curbside exterior wall, broadcasts a message to passerbys. An awning and full exterior wrap also adorn the outside of the bus. C
Upon entering the vehicle, the visitor is greeted with an extensive display of Lutron’s vast product line of dimmers. The dimmers are installed on beautifully crafted curved shelves coordinated to match the curved lines of the raised platform. Next is an eco wall that demonstrates the capability of Lutron’s state the art dimmers. To the right of this display is a full height bulb display with all types of bulbs.
Across from this area is the Maestro Wireless system exhibit which uses radio waves to control up to ten switches from a single remote. Next, in the center of the vehicle, is a display of Lutron’s custom automated shade system.
The final area imitates the inside of a home and includes a kitchen, living room, home theatre room and bedroom. Different energy saving technology is exhibited including the capability to light an individual pathway or brighten up a specific area in a room. Another leading edge product is featured in the Home Theater area.
A Media Décor retractable painting hangs flush with the wall and with a push of a button scrolls up to reveal a 46” Sony. Upon exiting the bus, another TV displays a message loop thanking visitors for their time.