Expandable 53-foot Display & Presentation Trailer

Mobile Marketing Display and Presentation Trailer

The world’s largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger, was in need of a traveling unit to display and market some of their unique drilling services and technologies.  For that, they enlisted a full-size semi trailer with a completely custom interior that literally glows Schlumberger-blue.
The truck and trailer will be hard to miss as they are both fully wrapped in vinyl graphics.  Upon stopping at a tour destination, the unique exterior will convert to become an enormous outdoor room via a large awning system.  This 50-foot custom awning is set up along the curbside of the trailer, shielding from sun or rain.  The massive outdoor section becomes a fully enclosed room in minutes with the addition of full sidewalls (shields against wind, cold, and heat).  Clientele are in for an incredible indoor/outdoor experience with presentations, dining, interactive outdoor displays and the exterior 46 inch LED TV with surround sound.
The main space within the trailer is comprised of several sub-areas with different functions. The largest area resides in the oversized trailer slide-out (the slide-out offers an extra 150 sq.ft.) and features 15 comfortable and stackable chairs as well as a 55 inch LED TV for displaying multi-media presentations.  Opposite the slide-out is a four-station interactive learning area.  The cabinetry features a counter top that 'floats' off of the cabinets via metal spacing poles to add drama and visual interest.  This same space is accented by blue neon lights that add a dynamic flair to the interactive stations.  The same metal poles from the counter top are visually suspending four 26 inch LED TVs on the wall above.  Each of these four stations (TVs) will feature different presentations regarding different facets of Schlumberger.
Just beyond the four-station interactive area is an incredible eight foot long replica drill bit.  The replica is accentuated by another 55 inch LED TV fed from a nearby laptop.  The area opposite this drill bit features a storage cabinet with a flip down, bar-height table.  Two bright blue stools set up on each side of the table and form an interactive iPad workspace. Near the exit is a custom photo booth (green screen) allowing guests to put their face in front of some fun, oil-industry related backdrops.  Just before leaving, passengers will grab a take-away bag with memorable and useful Schlumberger material.
To the right of the entrance and the large Schlumberger logo (laid within the custom rubber floor) is a comfy kitchen/lounge area for employees.  This area resides in the very front of the trailer (separated by a pocket door) and features a sink, ample cabinetry, a refrigerator, ice maker, espresso machine, separate entrance, A/V control cabinet, and a plush leather couch.  Exiting the kitchen/lounge area puts passengers right in the main space.