'Going Green' Presentation Shuttle Bus

Product Presentation Vehicle

Creative Mobile Interiors recently finished a mobile marketing vehicle for Cummins Crosspoint; one of the world’s largest distributors of Cummins engines.  Cummins Crosspoint came to CMI with the desire to turn a low-floor ARBOC mobility transit bus into a mobile display vehicle for an inventive new product – a parallel hybrid drive system.  This hybrid system, developed by Variable Torque Motors LLC. (VTM), will be taken around the country on display within the vehicle.  The resourceful hybrid system uses stored electricity to assist with the launch of the vehicle; lessening the engine’s load and raising the vehicle’s fuel economy.  Cummins Crosspoint is the North American Master Distributor for VTM systems.
The project began with a customer supplied transit bus that actually contains the new hybrid system within its chassis to serve as an example.  The plan for this promotional vehicle was to maintain most of its seating capacity to allow prospective customers and companies to view presentations.  Upon initial discussions, Creative Mobile Interiors was to design display cabinetry that allowed those aboard the chance to view various hybrid components as well as information regarding those components (both in print and through presentations shown on a television).  CMI proposed an unusual option for Cummins Crosspoint that they just could not turn down.  Instead of simply putting information in a cabinet and in print, why not display a working piece of equipment within the vehicle itself?
CMI and Cummins Crosspoint agreed on a design that brought customers aboard an interesting and innovative product showcase.  All of the interior seats were recovered in a lime green vinyl to mimic and play off of the ‘green movement’ – also displayed through the exterior vinyl wrap.  Additional space in the rear seating area was provided for wheelchairs as the vehicle has a side entrance ramp and low-floor height.  A DVD player was put in-dash to feed a 32” LED television installed behind the driver ensuring that everyone can see the product presentations.  A custom speaker system was also integrated to amplify the sensory experience within the vehicle.  Cabinetry was designed and fabricated on the driver’s side wall to store material for the traveling showroom.  The ample storage cabinet is topped with a flowing, curved counter top where literature and product models will sit. 
The main feature of this bus sits directly in the middle of the vehicle and cannot be missed.  CMI strategically and mindfully cut a hole in the floor of this Chevy Express-based transit bus to allow a ‘window’ to be installed.  This unique porthole looks directly on to the bright green hybrid drive motor that Cummins Crosspoint is showcasing.  Patrons aboard this vehicle will get a one-of-a-kind view of the hybrid drive motor as it works and travels down the road – a safe and unique way to become familiar with a very innovative product.  The hole in the floor was given metal trim that houses a lexan (acrylic) insert for glass-like transparency and durable strength.  CMI used a unique scratch-resistant lexan that will allow for heavy traffic without clouding the view of VTM’s green jewel.  
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