Mobile Marketing Bus - C-Span Book TV

C-SPAN Book TV Bus

This mobile marketing bus was designed to attract viewers who watch little How does a cable operator attract business from a market segment that doesn't watch much TV? That was the challenge facing C-SPAN recently when it wanted to bring more readers to its Book TV cable series. The company opted to gut one of their distinctive yellow school buses and have Creative Mobile Interiors (CMI) convert it into an attention-getting new mobile marketing vehicle. The unit promotes Book TV at book fairs, libraries and bookstores across the country.
There's plenty of broadcast recording and editing equipment on board this distinctive vehicle, which features a state-of-the-art studio in its front lounge, a center engineering area and a rear galley with a restroom/make-up area for on-air talent.  CMI also rebuilt the unit's side rear door, switching from aluminum to stainless steel for more durability.
The unit's exterior features a full graphic wrap with the C-SPAN Book TV logo and book-themed artwork. Includes three rooftop air conditioning units and a Girard awning with fiberglass fairings (tapered edge pieces that make the awnings more aerodynamic and attractive). 
Features Dazzlewood vinyl flooring and copper nebula laminate walls with Corian accents on the windowsills.
Includes fold-down leather benches built into copper nebula laminate cabinets. Four illuminated poster boxes that serve as on-camera backdrops.
Dozens of pieces of electronic equipment, such as DVD players, audio/video receivers, switchers and digital editing equipment were installed in the engineering area. Three monitor trees that hold a total of seven 17-inch monitors function as televisions, computer screens or TelePrompTers.