Mobile Marketing Ford Transit

C-SPAN's Local Content Vehicle - Mobile Production Vehicle

Creative Mobile Interiors finished three of these Ford Transit Connect vehicles for C-SPAN, in the summer of 2010.  These Local Content Vehicles, ('LCV's) are roaming the country in search of unique, local news stories.  Leading their charge is the C-SPAN Digital Bus, also done by CMI.  When a unique story is discovered, these little work-horses become much more than a desk on wheels.  Equipped with state-of-the-art web and production technologies (and on-board journalists), the LCV is capable of creating on the spot content; no matter where the vehicle is.  
The LCV's act as more than just a mobile office, they are also mobile marketing vehicles that advertise as they move.  This is done through graphics and a vinyl wrap that likens these vehicles to their older, and much bigger, brother (the Digital Bus).
The Ford Transit is the perfect canvas for a vehicle like this.  Small enough to drive like a car, but big enough to house (and hide) all of the technologies and equipment it possesses.  The interior features a desk and pull out chair.  The desk gets larger with a bamboo flip-up extension - matching the rich materials of the C-SPAN bus.  This space is perfect for editing pieces on the road, and for storing the hand held cameras that are used to film local content. 
Check out our Videos page to see C-SPAN's broadcast debut of the LCV!