Mobile Marketing Semi-Trailer

Nutrilite Trailer - Mobile Marketing

This fascinating experiential marketing event was built inside a 53-foot double expandable Featherlite trailer. The interactive trailer was created to inform and motivate visitors. Divided by curved lit panels, the trailer allows the visitor to easily flow through the captivating experiential marketing event.
The step rails, entrance stairs and rear ramp were color matched to the preexisting outside graphics. All contents in the inside of the trailer were removed and flooring and panels were rebuilt.
You are greeted by a 64" vertically mounted interactive screen promoting the product. The next display is a faux plant display surrounding a LCD screen with a looped informational presentation promoting the product. Speakers are located throughout the trailer to help guide the visitor to the next section.
The plants were "misted" with a unique compound to create the look of dew on the plants. An interactive computer screen is built into the middle of the display.
Across from the plant display and on the other side of the welcoming screen is another monitor broadcasting more product information. The screen is mounted above a 15-drawer cabinet which stores the product samples. Across from the cabinet is a cylinder module. The module provides another opportunity to display the vitamins.
Facing the display case is the final interactive area. This area explains how the vitamins are made. Each vitamin is represented and a monitor and light sequence help explain the process.