Mobile Optical Lab

CMI Delivers Mobile Optical Solution

The mobile optical lab features the company’s latest optical solutions and travels across the country visiting clients. Creative Mobile Interiors recently delivered a 53-foot mobile marketing trailer to Nokia Siemens, one of the largest telecommunications hardware, software and service companies in the world.
A new one piece overlay roof with no seams was installed and because of leaking and missing rivets, all exterior vertical seams were reconstructed.  In addition, two of three exterior doors had interior and exterior skins replaced, and a third door was completely rebuilt and widened to accommodate an above floor wheel chair lift. Additional exterior work included replacing all outside belly box doors, LED running lights, new tires and upgraded Alcoa rims.
The first room in the front of the trailer houses all the customer supplied equipment and generator systems. 
Offering a wide variety of hands on testing and demonstrating opportunities, the mobile lab provides its customers the convenience of not having to leave their own parking lot.
Adjacent to the equipment room is the main area. This area features sleek curved white counters with orange edges that match the company colors.  Underneath the counters are storage cabinets. Also, the walls were carpeted to help reduce overall interior sound levels.
Other amenities include dropped ceilings and fluorescent lighting throughout, four diamond back exterior LEDs lights above each door and a security and fire alarm including interior and exterior security strobe lights and sounds.