Winnebago Via Mobile Marketing and Hospitality Retrofit

Winnebago Via Mobile Marketing & Hospitality Retrofit 


This class-C RV was customized for the Dempster Family Foundation in order to raise awareness about 22Q Deletion Syndrome, a disorder caused by a small missing piece of the 22nd chromosome.  The exterior graphics first grab your attention with large colorful flower designs and the words "22Q Mystery Tour" on both sides.  The interior is just as colorful and exciting with custom quilted wallpanels and curtains, distressed woodwork for that rustic feel, and a custom-built sofa lounge area with iPads embedded around the back.  An LED TV fully swings out of the entertainment nook and can be easily viewed from the lounge area.  There are also tailor-made floral ceiling fixtures which are highlighted by the LED light strips installed by CMI.  The driver's side of this vehicle contains dual slideouts which extend the lounge area and custom seating nook installed by CMI.  A standing laptop station, with wifi, is located in the galley of the RV, along with power controls for the vehicle and cabinets for storage.  There is an awning located at the passenger side exterior which can cover the removable / mountable TV and even chairs for viewing.  This conversion allows for education on a serious matter and hospitality ventures, all in a high level of comfort and style.

Luxurious Hospitality Vehicle / Custom Class-C RV