Mobile Leasing Office / Marketing Vehicle

A Dodge ProMaster built to market and fill apartment buildings, like a leasing office on wheels!


Starting with a simple cargo van, CMI was able to create a custom multi-use marketing vehicle for a large apartment builder.  The van will travel around showing off the properties currently being built/leased.  It will also tailgate in local communities to draw people into their new, lively property offerings.  The main draw (other than the interior) is the exterior TV and stereo system that was cut into the side of the vehicle.  This watertight compartment will flip open and allow potential customers to look through renderings/photos and hear more about individual properties.  If the builder finds someone interested, they can bring them inside to discuss things further.  Inside there's a desk, lounge, HVAC, LED lighting, a stereo, and plenty of storage space for various swag.  The van's interior was built out in the same materials as the newest apartment buildings - that way, customers can get a feel for the countertops/flooring/etc that their new unit will come with.  Best yet, the van will spend the majority of its time in front of the apartment complexes, acting as a mobile leasing office.  Come in, sit down, and discuss/fill out the paperwork for your new apartment!

ProMaster Mobile Office Van