Mobile Healthcare Outreach Office

Ford Transit Mobile Healthcare Office


This 148'' EXT Ford Transit van conversion was built as an office on wheels, and one that can double as a health and wellness clinic. The vehicle is meant for outreach, healthcare visits, doctor's appointments, telehealth, and processing of vaccines, physicals, blood draws, and more.  As more people shop/work/consume from/near home, more companies are beginning to design spaces that can come to you. 


In addition to some of our more standard options such as building/installing insulation, walls, ceiling, and flooring, CMI put the following main features into this conversion:

  • Two separate, private rooms divided by a pocket door
  • Front room with storage cabinetry, a small galley with fridge/sink, and a custom workstation
  • Flip-out service window (concession-style) with access to outside
  • Rear consult room used for exams and more
  • Inverter system with built-in charging system, auxiliary battery, and shoreline connection
  • Built-in Onan generator
  • LED lighting
  • Rooftop AC and electric heaters 
  • Fiamma awning
  • Exterior running boards and steps
Mobile Healthcare Outreach Office