Mobile Library Digital Education Van

Mobile Library and Digital Services / Education Van


This 148'' EXT Ford Transit was built for a large public library system, but it is not intended to be your normal bookmobile.  Instead, this conversion was built to be a digital library on wheels, bringing education and digital services to your front door (or school, aftercare facility, etc).  With the goal of reaching out to and servicing areas with less access to libraries, Wi-Fi, etc, the van can bring so much more than just books to you.


In addition to some of our more standard options such as building/installing insulation, walls, ceiling, and flooring, CMI put the following main features into this conversion:

  • Custom cabinetry with ample storage throughout
  • A desk / meeting area via front swivel seating
  • Large custom sofa / seating area
  • TV and sound bar, with Wi-Fi capabilities
  • LED lighting
  • Built-in generator / electrical system for power anywhere needed
  • Rear HVAC
Mobile Library Digital Education Van