Columbus Zoo Airplane Exhibit

Columbus Zoo Airplane Exhibit - Heart of Africa 


If there ever was a typical project for us here at CMI, this was not it! We were contacted by an exhibit contractor for the Columbus Zoo looking for some help with a 1960's airplane for a lion exhibit.The intent of the exhibit is to create a "crash-like" feel in the heart of Africa.


We skinned the walls of the plane, installed a diamond plate floor, bed-liner, and custom cargo netting for the "restricted" areas of the exhibit. We also added lighting around the ceiling and restored the cockpit by installing new gauges and dash controls.  Also in the cockpit is a custom-built bench seat with two small speakers which play airplane noises when interacting with the plane controls.


Bulletproof glass and custom ramps were built around the airplane for a safe exhibit that is enclosed but also halfway inside the lion exhibit. The lions love to lay on the wings of the airplane, getting up close and personal with the zoo attendees.  We love doing unique projects like this, especially for such a great local business! 

1960's Airplane Exhibit