Entegra Anthem Remodel

2016 Entegra Anthem Remodel


This beauty arrived at CMI in need of some renovations to be more functional for a family. We completed three major changes and you'd never know it didn't come this way!


  • We removed a two-person dinette table, replacing it with a custom-built family style booth with storage underneath and a custom sliding table. This is functional whether the slide is in our out, and placing two chairs in front of the table allows for seating all around and a larger gathering area.
  • The next project was adding three bunk beds to the bedroom closet. The bunks are evenly spaced and supported by custom frames. Half of the mirrored glass door was replaced with a decorative metal screen, allowing for increased airflow to the bunks. We also fabricated a new wall inside the closet in order to keep 1/3 of the space still functional for storage.
  • We removed the built-in fireplace from behind the driver's seat area and replaced it with a drawer deep enough for some good toy storage - matching the original woodwork.
Entegra Anthem Remodel