Entegra Anthem with Overhead Ceiling Lift

Entegra Coach Anthem RV Retrofit - Overhead Ceiling Lift


This luxurious Class A Motorhome was brought to CMI by a family with special mobility needs for their adult child.  We installed a SureHands ceiling track system, like the one they have in their home to help make the bus more accessible.  The track system runs from the entrance through the living area, and into the bathroom.  A lot of structural work went into this job, and we worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure the lift would hold the weight of an adult.  The living room ceiling had mirrored sections that we replaced with vinyl panels which matched the interior of the coach.  We modified the shower door opening and also added support in a section of the bathroom skylight.  In the living room we installed a custom three-point seatbelt which hooks to a special harness for safety.  Just like every job we do, this one had to be just right.

Entegra Anthem Motorhome with Overhead Ceiling Lift