Mobile Dermatology Med Spa Shuttle

Mobile Dermatology Med Spa


This dermatologist office on wheels was originally a blood draw shuttle bus, but was totally transformed by our team at CMI.  The interior was completely gutted and rebuilt after working hand in hand with the customer on design.  While we are experts in our field, we always rely on and work with our customers to make sure their needs are met - after all, they are the professionals in their field.  When completed, the calming atmosphere is reminiscent of a luxury medspa, and just like a brick and motor store, you can get all of your medical and cosmetic skin treatments in one place..  But this time, that place is your driveway!  


CMI put the following main features into this conversion:

  • New flooring, wall coverings, and ceiling coverings
  • LED lighting throughout, including a large swingarm light
  • Install of aesthetics chair
  • Full-height cabinetry with fridge on the passenger side, lower cabinetry with sink on the driver's side
  • Custom velvet sofa
  • Onboard generator and rear HVAC
Mobile Dermatology Med Spa Shuttle