NBC Vehicle - The Bad Boy

NBC Vehicles - The Bad Boy

For those who take their personal safety very seriously (or those that want to be bigger than anything else), CMI offers the Bad Boy - the first tactical military defensive vehicle released for civilian use.  It's the biggest, longest, and heaviest street-legal military conversion in the world. 
This 21-foot unit is designed to shield occupants from nuclear, biological or chemical assault, and is capable of operating on roads, trails, cross-country and in up to five feet of water!  The vehicle is also built to operate in extreme weather; from 50 degrees below 0 to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Bad Boy weighs 18,000 pounds and has a heavy-duty 6-cylinder Caterpillar turbo-diesel engine and 7-speed automatic Allison transmission.  Oh, and those big tires... they're bullet proof up to 50 calibers!  
Everything on this big bully is black, red, or polished metal.  From the chromed bumpers, to the red reflective trim, the exterior screams "move out of the way!"  The interior features a similar feel.  Soft, but durable, black leather contrasts red LED lighting and custom, die-cut metal trim pieces.
CMI also loaded it up with a personal keypad safe, cab roof rails, remote joystick controlled floodlight, an infrared three-camera system, in-motion satellite receiver, satellite phone, shortwave radio, GPS, CB and PA system.  Not to mention the sound system that lets you know it's coming before you even see it!