Custom Sprinter Medical Office

Mobile Doctor's Office & Blood Drawing Unit


This Mercedes Sprinter was converted into a mobile medical office. Is there a sports deadline coming up and the players still need to get physicals?  This vehicle could come to your location and knock out the whole team! This van is complete with a comfy leather waiting area, privacy curtains blocking off the driver and exam areas, refrigerator, encased sink, and accessible outlets for doctor's equipment.


There is a built in desk for the practitioner to utilize, and a comfortable chair in the exam room for patients also doubles as a blood drawing station. The custom cabinetry allows for plenty of storage for medical supplies and equipment. The LED lighting ensures that anyone waiting in the vehicle won't be blinded by harsh lighting, and the doctor will be able to see clearly. This unit can function while the vehicle is turned off, as we've made it generator powered as well. In a world of growing convenience and concierge doctors, we have a feeling we'll be seeing some more vehicles of this type!

Sprinter Mobile Doctor's Office