US Air Force Custom Silverado

An everyday pickup truck turned into a one-of-a-kind marketing/tailgating machine for the Air Force!


The United States Air Force has a large recruiting and interactive marketing trailer that CMI built for their large events, but when a smaller vehicle is needed, this Chevy Silverado steps in.  Other than the light bar, matte black wrap, and blacked-out wheel package, the truck can look a bit unassuming.  The USAF wanted to create a simple, but stealthy vehicle with a truck-load of fun beneath the surface.  The custom bed/body insert is where the fun lies, and it's completely removable for times when they pull their larger trailer (or for when they need a new truck).  The rear body contains ample storage in the side bins and the large slide-out bed drawer.  That storage conceals a 3000W generator that powers the fun, a booming PA system, and all of the other things they need to create a party.  Behind the flip-up utility boxes (driver's side and passenger side) are separate entertainment pods for video games, music, and more.  In total, the custom utility body includes three TVs, two sound bars, one Audioengine speaker system, a Samson PA system, two xBox units, a Bluray player, and even an area that can be used as a stage!

Custom Air Force Pickup Truck