Football Ready Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect TailgaterTM


CMI converted this Ford Transit Connect Wagon into a luxurious entertainment vehicle - a true TailgaterTM on wheels!  We removed the factory bench seat behind the driver's area and installed a retro train-style bench which flips and reverses to face towards the windshield or towards the rear entertainment console which acts as personal movie theater.  The further rear compartment of this Ford Transit is full of even more surprises!  Located in the very back is an enclosed LED TV, gaming console, counter space with cup holders, a massive stereo, and even a built-in cooler which retracts into a custom-built enclosure.  Both TVs are sourced from an in-motion satellite dish mounted on the roof, and a portable generator is stored on board so that entertainment does not depend on the engine running.  Watch the game from the parking lot, the exterior vinyl graphics will make you feel like you're actually on the Ohio State 50 yard line! This vehicle is just another example of how CMI can make dreams become reality, no matter the size of the vehicle.  Our proud customer is also helping make dreams come true and will be donating the vehicle to the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer as they build a new, larger vehicle. 

Stealthy Ford Transit Tailgater