Alstom Mobile Marketing Trailer

It is becoming more and more important to stand out as a business.  In order to be noticed you have to earn the attention of customers and clients.  Companies, like Alstom, are beginning to invest in out-of-the-box ways of obtaining business, support, and interest. The global transport infrastructure and power generation leader came to CMI to build something that would travel the country generating a buzz and new customers.
After a relatively quick 3-week build, Alstom took hold of their 44-foot mobile marketing tool.  The finished vehicle included five monitors and one TV, with the monitors hanging over individual learning/showcasing stations.  Each station contains a large storage cabinet and counter-top area for displaying various literature and product models.  The monitors will play content individualized to that station from a source located inside the cabinetry below.  Slatwall areas between the stations provide additional display areas as required. 
Brushed metal poles connect each of the stations to simulate the wire runs seen in power generation facilities.  This same motif can also be seen on the ceiling, amplifying the industrial feel created by the color-scheme and marketing content.  Opposite the driver’s side cabinetry is a large display wall with the sixth TV and a large area for swappable display boards.  These boards are held within a large implied logo that CMI designed on the wall.  The logo (mimicking the 'O' in Alstom), and its accent lighting, adds a significant punch to the 8-foot wide space. 
This trailer also features a large rear ramp with double-door entrance that allows for handicap accessibility as well as the feeling of entering a commercial building (as opposed to a vehicle).  A second doorway, on the front passenger side, acts as an exit.  Just next to that exit door is a unique kiosk that gathers customer information and provides additional product information, as well as a full wall graphic with eye-catching snapshots of Alstom’s offerings.  Providing the trailer full flexibility is an onboard HVAC and generator system to provide power and comfort to the existing and new opportunities ahead.