Custom Experiential Mobile Marketing Trailer

A custom 53-foot stacker semi trailer built for R&L Carriers and their interactive mobile marketing tour!


R&L Carriers provided a used, two story racecar trailer and a vision, we took that vision and created an incredible mobile marketing trailer with some incredible features.  To start, we cut out a large part of the second floor to create a dramatic open area for interactive activities and an impressive feeling of scale.  From there, we worked hand in hand with R&L's team to come up with a multi-use vehicle that they can take around the country and share with various crowds.  From college football bowl games, to high school career fairs, R&L plans to show off everything they have to offer within this 53-foot masterpiece.  Main entry is through the rear liftgate where patrons will enter a museum area and learn about the history of the company.  From there you travel up a few curved steps into an area that describes various ways R&L stays involved with community building.  Wrap around the three TV wall and you'll find yourself with your head in the clouds on a catwalk cut up into the second floor.  Almost more impressive is the 75" LED TV in front of you while you exit the catwalk.  Back on the lower level is an interactive area with TVs, iPads, and a full Bose driving simulator!  The raised front deck is just as cool as the rest of the trailer, but it acts as a more private lounge and meeting area with it's own entertainment and custom seating.  The outside received a custom treatment of its own with flip-up concession-style windows hiding a two-sided trophy case and two 55" LED TVs.  Top it off with a healthy dose of green and white graphics and you've got a one-of-a-kind trailer for a one-of-a-kind company.


Interactive 53-foot Mobile Marketing Trailer