Good News Mobile

A Canadian customer came to CMI with a unique plan for a mobile ministry that would cater to troubled teenagers.  The project posed several challenges as the customer envisioned a hip and relaxing place for kids to hang out, open up, and discuss various aspects of their lives.  The cargo trailer already featured a kitchen area (with refrigerator, microwave, sink, and storage), a bathroom area, and a sound system, all near the front of the unit.  From there, Creative Mobile Interiors turned the stark, cold cargo trailer into a comfy lounge modeled after a stylish coffee-shop.
With cozy wood tones, graphite colored ultra-leather seating, pops of orange and turquoise, as well as some modern flair, the trailer shed its car-hauling past.  Keeping the front kitchen and restroom in place, CMI designed an atmosphere conducive to generating thought and comfort within the adolescent audience.  Windows were added for natural light and egress, LED lighting was installed throughout, and the side entrance was given a colorful French door treatment.  Additionally, a commercial coffee maker was installed to brew the all-important coffee.  CMI then transformed the layout by adding two dinette areas and a one-of-a-kind lounge space.
The first of the dinette areas seats three (at bar height) and is just inside the passenger side entrance.  One person sits in an ultra-modern, bright orange bar stool while the others across the table sit on a cantilevered bench/ledge.  This one-off design features the bar height bench ‘floating’ off of the backrest of the adjoining dinette.  The second dinette features a standard four person booth design, perfect for small group conversations.
Behind the dinettes (in the rear of the trailer), CMI fabricated a lounge area with plenty of sofa space on each side of the unit.  During the design/planning period one thing became apparent in regards to the lounger space: there would not be as much room as the customer desired, although he liked the other (aforementioned) features.  CMI decided to challenge conventional thought and proposed a second floor loft be built for added ‘hang-out’ space.  A loft was built directly above the rear lounge effectively doubling the square footage dedicated to lounge space.  For a feature this hip and unique, CMI could not build a simple ladder or staircase, so instead they design and custom built a floating steel staircase that cantilevers off of the sidewall (much like a modern NYC-style apartment).  To cap off the new loft space, a 42” LED TV was mounted to play to the passengers below.  To match the cozy-but-cool interior, the trailer’s exterior was given a full graphics wrap making it the perfect mobile billboard for the customer and his cause.  The colorful and eye-catching design features actual teenagers participating in the activities they love as well as inspirational aspects to draw them to the trailer and its roots.