High-Tech PPC Marketing

This high-tech mobile marketing trailer was created as a hands-on training experience for PPC customers.  The company specializes in hardline and drop connectors, traps and filters, and wireless products for telecommunications, broadcast and wireless industries.
The mobile marketing classroom, built inside of a 53-foot Featherlite trailer, provides a unique venue for informing and training customers on the problems and solutions characteristic of connector technology.
When first entering the trailer, clients are greeted by the host in the Welcoming Lounge. In the lounge, the patrons enjoy refreshments and watch an informational DVD  displayed on a 26” LCD screen. This section of the trailer also includes a dorm size refrigerator and custom cabinets for storage.
The next room, dubbed the Pain Lounge, addresses all the problems and difficulties the attendees experience with connectors. There are two large 42” LCD TV’s and two illuminated display movie-theater-style marquees.
The last area is the Solutions Room. This room includes a fold down stage and nine LCD TV screens installed on the back and side walls. Each TV addresses a different solution to the customer’s problems. In the middle of the solution room is a work bench with wheels. This area stores examples of the company’s products and allows the customers to experience the products hands on.
The bench can be easily configured in either a straight or u-shape configuration and has storage drawers below the counter top which are accessible from either the front or back of the cabinet. The stage includes integrated railing and chairs and an enclosed awning. When needed, the awning can be positioned all around the stage to protect the equipment from rain and sun.
The solution area includes the Hardline–Loop Swing Station, Drop–Torque Station, Trap–Step Station,  and the Bubble Chamber. Each station consists of two 26” LCD TVs and a DVD player. The Home Theater, in the middle of the back wall, includes a Pioneer 60” Plasma TV, Blue Ray DVD Player and Elite 7.1 surround sound system along with a DirecTV HD Satellite dish.