Time Warner's Ever-Evolving Mobile Marketing Trailer

The objective of this mobile marketing trailer is to showcase three distinct products/services offered: internet, phone and cable. The 32’ Pace trailer travels to different events providing the opportunity for potential customers to try the three products in person and interact with knowledgeable staff aboard a colorful and engaging space.  The trailer has been updated and modified over the years to better represent the current (and on-going) offerings of Time Warner.

The mobile marketing trailer is divided into three sections for each service offered. The sections carry their own logos and dominate colors to set themselves apart from the other areas.
The digital cable area is equipped with 3D LED TVs complete with DVD player, surround sound system and a multi port switcher system. Lighting is used throughout to provide a dramatic, high-tech look.  In this area, rope lights are used behind the TVs to make them look as if they are hovering off of the wall.  In addition to the three driver's side stations, the trailer includes a side door, a rear ramp door, and two large concession windows.
The internet portion of the vehicle provides three computer stations for individuals to try out Time Warner’s high-speed internet service.  The third custom area allows customers to use digital phones to call and let everyone know how uniquely cool this trailer is!

2011 UPDATE!!